The Cactuar, known in Japan as Sabotender (サボテンダー, Sabotendā, lit. Cactender) is a fictional species of plant-like beings from the Kashkabald Desert.

Cactuar (CACTI) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum mainnet with 0% tax, no owner functions (essentially renounced) and has a fixed supply of 1 trillion coins. Stealth launched with 2 ETH as liquidity paired with the entire token supply. Liquidity is locked and there were no tokens reserved for dev or anyone else.

There is a public burn function that will help reduce total supply via external smart contracts in the future should I decide to build a game mechanic around it.

In essence CACTUAR.FUN is an infinite Cactuar encounter. The game stores some basic stats such as wins, losses, xp points and player level in localStorage so unless you clear your browser history, chances are your progress is not lost. I really like this game and I hope you do too.

I suck at running a community so therefore there is no community. (Too much stress and too many wens). There is only this game and CACTI- you don't have to buy it.

You can get in touch with me via regular email: [email protected]. You can also follow @CactuarFun on Twitter.